About Us

CrossFit 4017 is located in Sandgate, North Brisbane, on the bay. We are 20 mins from Brisbane airport and 30 mins from Brisbane CBD.

CrossFit 4017 Vision:

To be the most inclusive and supportive CrossFit affiliate.

CrossFit 4017 Mission:

Provide professional coaching and world-class programming to support every level of fitness, its development and maintenance.

What does this mean?

  • If you’re a long term Crossfitter,  we can support you on your continued Crossfit journey of life long health and fitness or competition aspirations (We have additional programming for competitive athletes) 
  • If your are new to CrossFit we can provide you with a welcoming inclusive, community environment to kick start your health goals and CrossFit journey
  • If you have pre-existing injuries we can assist you with your rehab
  • If you have weight lose goals we can kick start your journey

CrossFit 4017 reflects the wider 4017 community in its unique bayside feel. It’s like a small town atmosphere in a modern city setting.

We draw our knowledge and experience from the best and come with a life time of passion, experience and knowledge in healthy training and competitive training.

We look forward to meeting you soon.