CrossFit 4017 Coaching Team

Belinda Batty

Qualifications & Experience:

CF 4017 Owner

Level 1 CF Trainer

CrossFit Kids

CF Judge

Advanced Silver Gymnastics Coach

Cert 4 in Fitness & Personal Training

  • For several years I was the Manager of the Queensland Academy of Sport Women’s High Performance Gymnastics Program.
  • Coached & Judged at an International Elite level.
  • National team coach and Olympic Squad Coach.
  • Coached several State, National & International champions and representatives.
  • Coached several athletes who are now performing with Cirque Du Soleil.
  • QLD Women’s Gymnastics Sports Management Committee Coordinator.
  • Winner of the Gymnastics Queensland Official of the Year award.
  • Dance and floor routine Choreographer.
  • Course presenter, assessor and supervisor for coaching and judging

Belinda has been CrossFitting for several years and is a 4017 local. Bel is married with 2 young kids.

Fav CF Skill: Handstand walking & Snatch

Least Fav CF skill: Lunges (dodgy knee, working progress)

Something you might not know about Bel:

I love the outdoors and use to own a motorbike. Several years ago I did the Creb track on dirtbike. Awesome adventure!


I don’t run away from a challenge because I am afraid. Instead, I run toward it because the only way to escape fear is to trample it beneath your feet. – Nadia Comaneci


Logan Poon

Qualifications & Experience:

  • Cert 3/4 Fitness
  • Level 2 Cf Trainer
  • CrossFit Kids
  • CrossFit mobility
  • CrossFit endurance
  • CrossFit gymnastics
  • AWF level 1 weightlifting coach
  • Level 1&2 AIK Kettlebells
  • Pendlay level 1&2 Weightlifting
  • Coaching for 5 years

Fave Skill: Snatch

Least Fave Skill: Box Jumps

Something you might not know about Logan: Ummm I had a mowhawk in high school

Moto/Mantra: Lets make better mistakes tomorrow.


Lisa Scully

Level 1 CF Trainer

Lisa has been CrossFitting for many years and competed in several competitions. One of the highlights being the 2016 Emergency Service Games where she took out the GOLD with partner Karl Innes.

Fav CF skill: Overhead Squats

Least Fav CF skill: Front Squat

Something you might not know about Lisa:

I love art and studied a Bachelor of Visual Arts when I left school majoring in painting. I joined the police thinking I would go into photography but ended up becoming an investigator.


I don’t have to be the best, I just want to be better than I was yesterday!


Nathan Moyle

Level 1 CF Trainer

Nathan has been CrossFitting for many years and competed in several competitions. He likes long walks on the beach and knitting 🙂 lol just jokes! Nathan is married and is a 4017 local.

Fav CF skill: Pistols

Least Fav CF skill: GHD Sit ups (Gotta work on these)

Something you might not know about Nathan:

I have 11 hats in my hat collection.


If you want to do it, find a way and do it!


Matt Scully

Level 1 CF Trainer

CF Judge

Matt has been CrossFitting for several years and is a 4017 local. He is married and has 3 beautiful daughters.

Fav CF skill: Handstand push ups or ring muscle ups (and although I can’t lift too heavy yet; the snatch – every muscle, nerve and bone is switched on in this movement, it’s explosive and technical, luv it!)

Least Fav CF skill: GHD Sit ups

Something we might not know about Matt:

Don’t judge…. but I know every word to Les Miserable’s.. the musical. I have seen the stage show several times in London, and recently in Oz.


Be focused and committed on what you want, train hard, eat well (most of the time), and be patient… but make sure you’re having fun and do it with a smile!


Jake Symes

Level 1 CF Trainer

Fav skill: Bar MU or Handstand Push Ups

Least fav: Deadlift

Not know about me: I can’t actually grow a full beard

Motto/Mantra: Get comfortable being uncomfortable.




Kristie Whitehill

Level 1 CF Trainer

Fav skill: Overhead Squats and all things relating to snatches 😍

Least fav: None. Any move i dont like i do repeatedly until i dont hate it anymore.

Not know about me: before i got fit i was 30kg heavier.

Motto/Mantra: Fit people are harder to kill.