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What Our Members Say

Great atmosphere/Welcoming environment. Helpful coaches and strict on good technique. The kids room is very handy for balancing family and fitness commitments.


Crossfit 4017 is changing my life. I feel strong and more confident within myself. The coaches are amazing and talk me through my challenges. The people I have met have been so supportive and friendly. The box is one big family. I’m only 4 months in but I will never hate exercising again.

Laura Batty

CrossFit 4017 is the definition of a community, it’s what CrossFit dreams are made of, a home away from home. I fell in love with CrossFit for its motivating culture and feel good environment, you are constantly surrounded by strong humble human beings, no matter what gender, age or nationality, everyone is strong in their own way and this pushes you to train beyond your limits. There is no better place than CrossFit 4017 to experience the true definition of CrossFit and catch the so called CrossFit bug. Try it, I dare you, you won’t look back!

Coral Hall

Amazing people and staff! A very supportive team environment, wouldn’t go anywhere else.

4 Paws Groomers


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